NOTICE: Economy Leads LLC was formally closed in June of 2007. All Canned Leads™ available for purchase from this site were compiled from the time the business was operational. All licensing and purchase terms still apply. Please see our Legal and FAQ pages for details.

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About Economy Leads LLC

An alternative to overpriced list companies!

Economy Leads LLC was created with small companies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs in mind.   As most of these entities have limited budgets and few employee resources, quality data remains mostly unattainable.

Until now!

With our Canned Leads™ you get quality data that is affordable.   Now you can concentrate your resources on carrying the best message to your customers, instead of spending several hundred or even thousands on a relatively small amount of data alone. For many small entities this would actually consume their entire budget.

What does this mean?

What this means is that if you are a small company, non-profit, or entrepreneur you're going to have to work smarter at getting ahead.   Part of working smarter is finding less expensive ways to accomplish your goals.   This is why Economy Leads LLC developed its Canned Leads™.

Canned Leads™ for any budget!

With over 20,000 Canned Leads™ and pricing starting as low as $.70 even the smallest budget can now afford quality data.

Ready to get started?

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Economy Leads LLC wishes you the greatest success!

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